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August 2021 Newsletter

With the 2021 SAGA AGM now confined to history, I would like to summarise the outcomes for all members in this circular letter No. 10.

a) SAGA Website
Members will be pleased to learn that SAGA now has a dedicated website. The address is: and members can find all gliding related information online thanks to the efforts of Heath L’Estrange from the University Gliding Club.

b) Open Glider Network (OGN)
The following clubs have agreed to install the necessary OGN equipment:
a)    Waikerie Gliding Club (already operational)
b)    Balaklava Gliding Club
c)    Adelaide Soaring Club (Commissioning imminent)
d)    Adelaide University Gliding Club
All of the above clubs will receive a $200 SAGA subsidy. As soon as these OGN systems are fully operational we can follow all Flarm equipped gliders on our smartphones. As a result, safety is greatly enhanced and our sport becomes more interesting to participants and potential newcomers alike.

c) ASC Flinders Ranges camp
The ASC has advised that due to Covid 19 their Flinders Ranges camp had to be rescheduled and will now be held from 15/4 to 25/4/ 2022. Members from other gliding clubs can also attend but are asked to contact Brenton Swart on 0411 885 320 beforehand.  
The AUGC camp is planned from 18/9 to 25/9/2021 and the BGC trip is scheduled for 9/9 to 14/9 2021.

d) SAGA subsidy to Coaching Week
The Committee has decided to put an amount of $ 3000 aside to encourage increased participation. Instead of subsidizing flying fees SAGA will be paying a travel allowance for trips to and from Waikerie. This will assist in encouraging members to attend and allow members of more remote clubs to enjoy Coaching Week as well.

e) New annual regatta event
The meeting approved a new regatta style event to be held over a long weekend and at a different club each year.

The emphasis will be on having fun rather than competing. Pilots taking part are allowed to fly to as many places as they like and can even nominate these places after landing. There is no limit on the flying time – only the total distance counts.

Team flying including mentoring by more seasoned pilots or coaches will be encouraged. As a byproduct of these fun weekends newcomers will get the chance to fly over lesser-known territory with mutual support. Flying without any pressure and with background coaching is hoped to increase the skill of participants and at the same time boost their confidence and enjoyment. Apart from this it provides ample opportunities for social interactions in an environment where having fun takes clear precedence. It also encourages an exchange of opinions and ideas on all aspects of the sport, and will foster enhanced camaraderie amongst members of different clubs.

The AUGC has offered to host the first event of this kind and the dates will soon be announced on the new website and in the next circular letter.

f) Projector for sale
Some time ago SAGA acquired a good quality projector for winter lectures, coaching week presentations and training of new coaches. As almost all venues now have electronic display options of their own the projector is offered for sale. Members can make an offer by contacting the president on 0412 981 204 or via e-mail. (

g) 2022/23 State comps
Clubs are invited to submit an expression of interest to host the 2022/23 State Comps. We aim to announce the venue at least a full year in advance and ask interested clubs to contact the president as soon as possible. This year’s state comps will be hosted by the ASC at Gawler in early 2022.

h) Vacant positions filled and applicable contact details
The following volunteers have agreed to fill all three vacant positions:
a)  Hank Delen – new AAAO officer………Ph. 0418 812 973
b)  Sam McKay – Development officer ….Ph.  0413 231 323

Please note that our new equipment officer is Peter Brooks from ASC, who will store all SAGA loan equipment on the airfield at Gawler.   Here are his contact details:  Ph. 0450 515 032

Please stay tuned to this channel for further announcements on happenings in the SAGA region and don’t forget to check out our new website.

Kind regards to all.

Bernard Eckey
SAGA President