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The South Australian Gliding Association (SAGA, or sometimes referred to as Gliding SA & NT) assists Gliding Australia in administering the sport of gliding within South Australia and the Northern Territory. To perform this task, volunteer officers are working in conjunction with delegates from associated clubs. SAGA’s prime task is to ensure ongoing SAGA representation on the Gliding Australia board and admit clubs as members of the Association. Other SAGA objectives are to promote the cooperation of clubs, safeguard their interests, support individual pilots by providing equipment as well as financial assistance, actively disseminate knowledge on all aspects of the sport and facilitate the mutual exchange of ideas for growth and enhanced safety.

All member clubs conduct basic flying training by qualified and trained instructors. At regular intervals SAGA volunteers also provide more advanced training in a central location ranging from glider maintenance to coaching for pilots interested in flying cross-country or competing in competitions. See the events page for details.

SAGA members during a coaching week
SAGA members during a coaching week.