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New Regatta Proposal

All SAGA pilots are invited for some flying over a long weekend with an emphasis on having fun rather than competing. Pilots taking part are allowed to fly to as many places as they like and can even nominate these places after landing. There is no limit on the flying time – only the total distance counts.

This regatta style event will be run at a different club each year. Team flying or mentoring by more seasoned pilots or coaches is very much encouraged. As a byproduct of these fun weekends newcomers get the chance to fly over lesser-known territory and experience what gliding is really all about. Flying without any pressure and with background coaching increases the skill of participants and at the same time boosts their confidence as well as their enjoyment. It can go a long way towards combating the high drop out rate currently experienced across most clubs.

Events like these also give ample opportunities for social interactions in an environment where having fun takes clear precedence. It also encourages an exchange of opinions and ideas on all aspects of the sport, apart from fostering enhanced camaraderie amongst members of different clubs. Hopefully this will add to the attraction of such events.

The first fun flying weekend of this kind will be hosted by the Adelaide University Gliding Club. Please stay tuned to this channel for an announcement on the dates.